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5 easy ways to improve your English in 2018!

, by The English Room

Apart from coming to regular English classes at The English Room, what else can you do outside English class to improve your English? This is a question that I often get asked by my students, and here you can find my top 5 tips that are easy to adopt and will give you great results!

1. Use Youtube videos or TED Talks

Find Youtube videos or TED Talks on topics that really interest you. Maybe you love cooking? DIY hacks? Travel? Gaming? Philosophy?

Of course you can just watch the videos (remember to press ‘CC’ for subtitles) or have them on in the background whilst you do housework or cook dinner, but it also really pays to study them in more detail. Take a look at number 2!

2. Notice fixed phrases

Notice fixed phrases and practise them. Fixed phrases usually contain between 3 and 7 words and include items like: to be honest, in a moment, on the other hand.

Watching Youtube videos or TED Talks (with subtitles) are a great way of collecting these fixed phrases! Make a note of the phrases and try and use them in your next English class. If you watch videos on similar topics, words and phrases are often repeated, making them much more memorable.

3. Go to English speaking events in Leipzig

Surround yourself in English at one of Leipzig’s many English events. Check out the events pages on Leipzig Glocal – Leipzig’s insider blog and webzine in English. And don’t forget that The English Room hosts its very own pub quiz in English on the last Friday of every month.

4. Set your smartphone and social media accounts to English

A simple, but effective English-learning hack!

5. Keep a positive attitude

It’s worth keeping in mind that you don’t need to know EVERYTHING to feel or be fluent in English. Make a list of scenarios in which you want to be able to communicate. Then work on these until you can have fluent conversations about them.