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5 Youtube channels for learning English

, by The English Room

My advice for learners when they ask me about Youtube channels for learning English is always to go and find channels that interest you personally. However, if you’re still stuck for ideas, check out my top 5 Youtube recommendations for learning English below.

Youtube videos are an excellent resource for listening to authentic English. Remember to turn on the subtitles on videos. Press pause when you hear a new word or phrase, write it down and go back and listen to it again. Steal useful phrases and try and use them the next time you’re in English class!

  1. TED Talks

Here you can find plenty of inspirational, entertaining, moving, intelligent talks on all areas of life – highly recommended! Videos can be played with German or English subtitles.

  1. Storycorps

Storycorps is a channel where ordinary Americans share the stories of their lives. The videos are short, engaging and often include lots of useful vocab!

  1. Lingohack

The Lingohack videos allow you to learn new vocab and phrases via authentic news stories from the BBC. The videos also highlight the important phrases in context.

  1. Easy English

Take a look at some real interviews on the streets of the UK about everyday topics. Lots of authentic English! English subtitles also come as standard.

  1. 60 second docs

Short for time? The this channel is perfect for you! The 60 second doc channel is a series of documentaries that give an insight into the most unique characters and practices that make up the world.