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Learn English with Instagram: our top tips and follows

, by The English Room

Why Instagram for English learning?

  • Instagram is a great source of authentic, up-to-date English, especially the comment section!
  • Images are powerful tool  for language learning helping you to remember new words more effectively
  • Easy to access on the go and when you have a few minutes to spare

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How to use Instagram for English learning?

Follow accounts made specially for English learners and get mini lessons on demand!

These accounts also often set little tasks that you can get involved in. Here are some useful follows:

Follow accounts that have lots of authentic and interesting English content.

Notice new vocabulary and try and use it the next time you’re in English class! The comment sections are also a great source of authentic English. If you’re feeling brave, why not try leaving a comment in English?

You can find accounts that interest you by using hashtags to search (#englishrecipes, #englishpronunciation, #quoteoftheday). But here are some fun Instagram accounts to get you started:

  • Find some reading inspiration with these short books reviews by ordinary people riding the subway @subwaybookreview

  • What about funny things that people have said on the streets of London @overheardlondon?
  • Interviews with people on the streets of New York and beyond @Humansofny
  • Learn about places to visit on your next holiday to the UK and admire the stunning photography @lovegreatbritain

Why not go one step further and start Intagramming in English yourself?

Try using English hashtags. If you start by typing the first few letters of your hashtag, other suggestions will also automatically appear below

If you’re super motivated you can also get involved in an Instagram Language Learning Challenge. Take a look here for more information: #IGLC The Instagram Language Challenge