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New Sign & our Summer Newsletter

, by The English Room

The summer has well and truly arrived here in Leipzig and the canal at the bottom of The English Room garden is busy with boat trips and canoes and general watery fun.  It’s so busy in fact that we decided to take advantage of our waterside location and treated ourselves to a new sign, which is now up on our fence facing the canal. If you happen to swim or sail past, take a picture, post it on our facebook page and collect a prize!

You might be wondering why our sign says „Coaching“. Well, as the needs of our clients change, so do we. The English Room offers more than just language training. We go out of our offices and into yours. Companies, as well as individuals, are looking for a provider who offers additional value. We support you with your specific needs, such as Life Coaching, Business Skills Coaching, Motivation Training, Organisational Culture Training, Self-improvement and Confidence Training.

For a free consultation and to discuss how we can help you and your colleagues, contact us at info@TheEnglishRoom.de or call us on 0341 22529980.

This piece of news also features in our Summer Newsletter, which is just out  – if you’d like to be added to our subscriber list – please send us an email!