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One-to-one Coaching

Having a school that can adapt its teaching style, material choice and topic relevance specifically to your needs is rare. The English Room has gained a huge amount of expertise in this field over the past years.

With clients from such different sectors of the economy, we know that private English classes allow our partners to best improve the skills they require for successful business.

The English Room has the concept, the environment and the skilled staff to support your language development and allow you to be more successful in your business.

English learning is not only about grammar and formal letter writing. That’s why we work with our partners on topics such as Accounting, Human Resources, Strategic Development, Business/Sales Psychology, Company Culture, International Communication, Staff Retention and much more.

In order to work with us and to benefit from having a strategic partner for all business topics which interest you, get in touch and arrange an initial meeting to discuss your opportunities.

What now?

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