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Tests and Exams

Are you thinking about spending a semester abroad or even doing your whole degree in English? Are you hoping to apply for the Work and Travel program? Or perhaps you’ve already decided to pack your case and make a new life for yourself in an English-speaking country?

There are many reasons for taking an official language certificate. The English Room can help you to prepare for a number of tests in a one-to-one or partner course.

By tailoring the course to your specific needs, our qualified and dedicated trainers will help you to get the result you need.


  • IELTS Academic – for professionals and academics looking to further their careers abroad or for students applying for university
  • IELTS General Training – for people who are looking to emigrate to New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada or Australia
  • Click here for more information about IELTS


  • A flexible online test for companies
  • Can be used by employers to assess employees’ or applicants’ English skills
  • Click here for more information about BULATS


  • B2 First for Schools – for young learners who are looking to go to school abroad
  • Click here for more information about B2 First for Schools
  • B2 First (FCE) – for students in grades 11 and 12 who are preparing to study or complete vocational training abroad
  • Click here for more information about B2 First (FCE)
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  • One of the most widely-accepted tests worldwide for people who are hoping to study or work abroad
  • Click here for more information about TOEFL

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